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Sony PlayStation 5 Console has undoubtedly made a significant generational leap from the PlayStation 4 in design, performance, controller, and overall interface. If you want to Sony PlayStation 5 console, you should get familiar with some of its unique features and design to ensure this is the perfect gaming console for you.

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Sony PlayStation 5 pre order has undoubtedly made a significant generational leap from the PlayStation 4 in design, performance, controller, and overall interface. If you want to the Sony PlayStation 5 console, you should get familiar with some of its unique features and design to ensure this is the perfect gaming console for you.

sony playstation 5 console

This article will thoroughly review the various aspects of ps5 consoles so you can start searching for PlayStation 5 for sale near you and get this fantastic console.

The popularity of Sony PlayStation 5 for sale near me

Sony PlayStation 5 Console was released in September 2020. The popularity of ps5 consoles has never been tremendous before, as the following graph shows that around 67.3 million units of the PS5 consoles are expected to be sold by 2024. Meanwhile, we have the playstation 5 in stock ready to be shipped worldwide regardless of the destination.

Some of the significant reasons why PS5 consoles has managed to gain so much popularity is that it supports 4K gaming and advanced haptics, and you can add an ultra high speed ssd to it, especially the disc drive version.

All of such modern features combine together to deliver a state-of-the-art console that is enough to satisfy the gamers. The Sony PlayStation 5 Console Standard Edition costs around $499, which also includes the cost of the Blu-ray drive.

However, a diskless version called the PS5 Digital Edition is also available for $399. Finally, keep in mind that we have both the disc and digital version of playstation 5 in stock 24/7. Are you thinking of placing the PlayStation 5 pre order? Let’s look at the significant features of ps5 consoles to determine whether it’s worth it.

Backward Compatibility

The loyal fans of the PlayStation series are bound to love the PS5 consoles because it supports most of the PS4 games. Sony has learned from the massive criticism it faced for lack of backward compatibility in PS4.

It simply means that if you upgrade from PS4 to Sony Playstation 5, you can play the favorite video games such as the “The Last of Us Part II”, “God of War, Mortal Kombat 11”, “Resident Evil”, and many others.

PS5 & PS4

In fact, most of these games load quicker on PS5 because it has an ultra high speed ssd and work better than on PS4. Digital PS4 games also work fine on Sony Playstation 5, and you can also use the 4K Blu-ray drive to play movies on the PlayStation 5 console.

The Sony Playstation 5 also comes with the features of PS4 Pro enhancement. Its purpose is to support games that have high resolutions or frame rates. Therefore, it improves the overall gaming experience on PS5 and makes it better than on PS4.

Besides the video games, you can also use officially licensed PS4 accessories with PS5. The controller of PS5 has been completely transformed. Have you been searching for a video game store near you and at the same time wondering if at all they have the playstation 5 in stock?. The search is over because eShopGamingStop got you covered.

However, you can still connect DualShock 4 to the PS5 and the existing headsets with the new PS5’s DualSense Wireless Controller. It is important to note that DualShock 4 will only work for the PS4 games you are playing on PS5. It will not work for the PS5 games.


Sony PS5 is the largest gaming console currently available on the market. Its dimensions are 15.4 x 10.2 x 4.1-inch. Compared to PS5 consoles, all of the previous and existing consoles seem small, including the next-gen Xbox Series X, which is the direct competitor of ps5 consoles.

While the massive size of the PlayStation 5 console can certainly disappoint some people, it helps provide fantastic performance. It does not make any unnecessary noise while operating and stays cool throughout a gaming session. However, if you have limited space in the entertainment area, the size of the console can definitely be an issue.

Typically, you will need a dedicated small table to stand the PS5 vertically. You can also place the console horizontally depending on your preference and the overall design of the gaming area. It comes with a detachable stand through which you can position the console vertically or horizontally.

Overall, the Sony PlayStation 5 certainly has attractive futuristic aesthetics. Therefore, if you do not mind this console’s slight bulkiness, you should buy it as it provides excellent performance and eye-catching aesthetics.

Ports and Expansion

PlayStation 5 has the standard array of ports that you can use to connect different types of accessories. It contains a Hi-Speed USB Type-A port up front and a USB Type-C SuperSpeed port. The addition of the USB-C in the PlayStation 5 is an impressive feature because many of the latest accessories and storage drives like SSDs use USB-C nowadays.

The Sony PlayStation 5 console’s backside has two SuperSpeed USB-A ports, an Ethernet jack, an HDMI port, and an AC adapter. PS4 had the optical audio port, which has been removed from the design of PS5. Removing the audio port can disappoint gamers who love high-end audio devices with visual connections. However, optical-to-HDMI converters are available in the market to fulfill such requirements.

In terms of storage, PS5 has an impressive built-in 825GB SSD. If you want to expand the warehouse, you must open up the console to access the expansion slot. However, keep in mind that PS5 does not support all SSDs. Sony has a struct requirements list, so it supports primary SSDs like Western Digital SN850.

The option of expanding the SSD makes PS5 better than Xbox Series X. More internal space means you can download and store more digital games. Moreover, you can rely on third-party SSDs to expand the storage without spending too much money. PS5 supports standard external hard drives, but you can only use the hard drives to store general files or digital PS4 games.


Interface for playstation 5 pre order

Sony PlayStation 5 has a clean, attractive, and user-friendly interface. It is the next version of the PS4 software. You can easily switch between different games and navigate the other options. In fact, the interface of PS5 is so quick that it makes PS4 looks slow and cluttered.

The changes in the home screen have made the overall interface much faster and easy to use, even for beginners who have not used PS4.Moreover, there are some hidden features on PS5 that you can access from the settings.

The home screen has a horizontal row of tiles to display the most recent games. Once you highlight a game, its title will display all over the screen, and background music is played.

Explore the latest updates and news from the ‘Explore’ tab. Moreover, the option of ‘Game Library’ is available through which you can download various PS4 games. Like PlayStation 4, PS5 also lets you capture videos and screenshots. You can also use PS5 to stream to YouTube or Twitch with a few clicks.

The overall software of the Sony PlayStation 5 is clean and user-friendly. If you are a beginner in the gaming industry, you can still proceed for a Playstation 5 pre order or why not just purchase the PlayStation 5 console at once and use it efficiently without any significant problems.


Sony has introduced the latest DualSense controller. It is the next-gen controller that you have to use to play games on PS5. DualSense aims to provide an immersive gaming experience through reliable support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and 3d, and built-in speakers having a 3d audio.


PS5 has a free, pre-installed game called Astro’s Playroom. The main reason for this game is to showcase the full potential and features of the DualSense controller. While playing this game, you will experience a smooth gliding sensation to have a fantastic gaming experience. The DualSense controller is a much better gamepad than the DualShock 4.


PS5 has a powerful 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor. It provides a significant 10.3 teraflops of graphics power that allows you to play even the most advanced games. Moreover, the SSD of PS5 also offers unprecedented speed and power in a gaming console since it comes with an ultra high speed ssd. These features combine to provide high performance to the games and create impressive frame rate and load speeds.


Sony PlayStation 5 provides access to all major apps through the account for playstation network, including entertainment platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. Most of these apps were also available on PS4, and Sony has continued the trend with PS5. However, accessing the apps through the Media tab is easier and quicker.

Heat and Noise

PS5 has an internal fan and large vents. Therefore, you will not face any heating or noise problem with this console. Many users have reviewed PS5 after playing Astro’s Playroom or Spider-Man for hours and did not hear any extra noise.

There are still some situations like putting the Blu-ray into PS5 when you can hear the noise of discs spinning. Yet, overall, PS5 has made massive improvements to the design of PS4 that used to make the sound even while downloading a game.

video game console

Conclusion – playstation 5 for sale near me

There is definitely no doubt that the Sony PlayStation 5 Console is the future of console gaming. It provides attractive 4K performance with quick load times and a futuristic controller that provides a fully immersive gaming experience.

One of the most beneficial objective why you should buy ps5 consoles is that it supports most of the PS4 games and even provide better performance on these games. Therefore, you should contact the video game stores near you and ensure we have PlayStation 5 in stock so you can enjoy this excellent gaming console.

Have you been searching for a playstation 5 for sale near me? and at the same time wondering if at all they have the playstation 5 in stock?. The search is over because eShopGamingStop got you covered.


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14 reviews for Playstation 5 Console Standard edition

  1. Kahid burst

    I got my PS5 standard from the 2nd round and was able to pick it up on day one. I have had no problem at all. All my library has been physical since 4 years ago when I had my PS4. If you are all digital and don’t care that you will not have the ability to use a CD/DVD/BluRay disc for games, music, or movies, then the digital version is right for you. Also, I love it cuz the console’s looks are symmetrical.

  2. Shawn Johnson

    Been playing this for a couple weeks, a few hours per day during weekdays and much longer during weekend. No overheating issue. My PS4 was even warmer and louder than it. I did experience the screen went black for a sec or so before, but I no longer see that after the latest firmware upgrade.

  3. Brown Yin

    Got mine a few days ago and the experience with the dual sense controllers is fantastic! Playing Astro’s Playroom, I cannot believe they included this for free as basically a tech demo for the controllers. It’s good enough as a stand-alone game and packed full of nostalgia. Other than a brief moment during the boot-up sequence, I can’t hear the console at all, very quiet. During the boot-up I can definitely hear a fan firing up, but it only lasts a few seconds. The one minor complaint I have is that the menu system is definitely a bit more confusing, but once I get used to it, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve played Astro’s Playroom, Bugsnaxx (weird game!), Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Spiderman so far and other than Bugsnaxx, they’re all great! I think Bugsnaxx is more aimed at kids anyway, so no worries there. I can understand the frustration of the people who have been trying to get one and haven’t yet. That process didn’t go very smoothly overall. I hope you all get one soon!

  4. Shrila Keny

    I was able to pre-order this system with no effort whatsoever as eShopGamingStop sent me the e-mail letting me know the pre-orders went live on which I’m assuming most salty people didn’t do. As for the system, runs great. The graphics are fantastic (PC will always be better) but the load times and amazing the Dual Sense 5 is the star of the show. Honestly, Dual Sense 5 is the reason why the PS5 is better than XBSX. Anything can have raw power but it’s honestly a game-changer.

  5. Kenneth Woodard

    Hello guys, they are actually real. This my very own PlayStation 5. It was a pain setting up to pay with Bitcoin because I really did not have enough money and I wanted the discount so bad. Woohoo! Super Excited.

  6. Lucas Grahamy

    I just received my ps5 just today and I love everything about it so far, the control is really something else! It s a must-have and is the new age of gaming with it coming! Love the design albeit huge! It’s the biggest system even bigger than the original fat ps3… that’s quite a feat. One thing is a don’t agree to give a bad rating because eshopGamingStop sold out of this system so quickly, so did every other company out there! If you don’t like the system that’s fine that is your opinion but don’t rate the system poorly if you’ve never gotten it due to lack of stock. I do hope everyone wanting one of these sexy machines does get one soon! Worth it!

  7. Micheal O

    Well packaged in the retail box and easy to hook up and start the system set up. Optionally transfer your PS4 games to the PS5 but due to limited space on its SSD, I opted to just use my existing 5TB HDD in the PS5. The system itself is huge, but we knew that. What I don’t like is the dust-attracting glossy black plastic between the white plates. It takes about 10 minutes to gather a new covering of dust and it’s unavoidable. As for functionality – it’s fast. Demons Souls loads to the menu in under 10 seconds if you skip the cinematics, and under 10 seconds to get into the game itself from the load game screen. Visually stunning, framerate is solid 95% of the time, and the system is super quiet, never sounding like the jet engine that we know as the PS5.

  8. Maria Adams

    Wow I finally get the PS5, I didn’t trust you guys had it in stock but everything went super smooth. Thanks, a lot Jason. I really appreciate it!

  9. Bill Shredd

    I got my PS5, got no complaints. even got it early. so this review will be a 5 star… but I need to bring up an issue that eshopGamingStop doesn’t care about. scalping bots. the reason most actual gamers didn’t get a PS5 is that retailers don’t care about stopping bots. they get their money either way. there’s so much tech out there to stop or at the least slowdown bots so that actual consumers can get this in their hands. the fact that eshopGamingStop did NOTHING and only a handful of us actual gamers got a PS5 is downright embarrassing. they won’t read this anyway…

  10. Ronald Piercer

    Nice console I actually got it. At first I thought it was fake but I got it. thank you

  11. Martin S

    The Ps5 is amazing and is worth the price to make fun memories that will last a lifetime and where you make friendships.

  12. Vaqif Ralph

    Great, thank you.

  13. Abdel Joshua

    The console itself is amazing. Does everything you want and more. Fast & powerful eshopGamingStop however is the best game stop you will ever come accross

  14. Zack Anthony

    Better than I expected, the controller is the cherry on top!

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