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PlayStation®Studio and Bluepoint Games have remade the PlayStation classic “Demon’s Souls™”. This remake brings the unsettling story and relentless combat of “Demon’s Souls” to life with stunning visuals and performance.

Buy Demon’s Souls PS5

Demon’s Souls’ protagonist heads to a foggy castle on a cliff, staring into the misty distance

Discover Where The Journey Began

Experience the brutal original story, rebuilt from the ground up. As such, the world of “Boletaria” is presented in a stunning visual beauty and performance unlike anything you have ever seen before.

The protagonist of Demon’s Soul sees a great demon.

Adventure through Boletaria, a northern kingdom that was once a prosperous land of knights but is now surrounded by unspeakable creatures and greedy demons. Meet strange characters who have been tossed and twisted by the world and unravel the disturbing story of Demon’s Souls.

The hero of Demon’s Soul confronts a fire-breathing flying dragon.

Mastering the art of magic and warfare

Hone your combat skills by knowing when to advance and when to take your time. However, the rewards for defeating powerful enemies are immense, and death does not mean the end, just another state.

The helmet of the hero Demon’s Souls lying on the ground.

Face The World’s Greatest Warriors

You will engage in intense PvP battles with the world’s most powerful warriors, and there will be online raids* that will increase the danger of your quest. You can also summon your friends to help you in your fight against the demons and play cooperatively.

Buy Demons Souls PS5

*Active PS Plus subscription required for online multiplayer.


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