PlayStation 5 DualSense™ Wireless Controller

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The new PlayStation 5 controller has haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone. It has a new design. These dual actuators give the controller a physical response to the in-game action. With this emotional vibration in your hands, you can recreate the feel of everything from the atmosphere to weapon recoil.

PlayStation 5 DualSense TM Wireless Controller:


The new PlayStation 5 controllers has haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone. It has a new design. These dual actuators give the controller a physical response to the in-game action. With this emotional vibration in your hands, you can recreate the feel of everything from the atmosphere to weapon recoil.


  • Sharpen your senses™.
  • Bring the game world to life.
  • Haptic feedback lets you feel the in-game action and simulated environment.
  • Adaptive triggers allow you to control the force and tension at your fingertips.
  • Find your voice and share your passion
  • Chat online using the built-in microphone
  • Connect a headset directly
  • Connect headphones directly via the 3.5mm jack.
  • A dedicated mute button turns voice capture on and off.
  • Record and stream epic gaming moments with the Create button
  • Record and stream epic gaming moments with the Create button.

The Icon of Gaming in Your Hands

Enjoy a comfortable, evolved design with an iconic look and improved stick.

Charge and play with the built-in battery and USB Type-C****.

The built-in motion sensor allows you to intuitively interact with your game of choice.

You can hear more faithful sound effects* through the built-in speaker for supported games.

Elevate your gameplay on Apple devices.

Pair the controller with a compatible iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV via Bluetooth®.

Play thousands of compatible games with the controller, including Apple Arcade games.

Stream compatible PS4™ or PS5™ games to your iPad, iPhone or Mac and play them with the PS Remote Play app.

How to Hold the Playstation 5 Dualsense Wireless Controllers:

  • For first-time use, the controller must be connected to the console.
  • Make sure the PS5 console is operational.
  • Connect the controller to the game console with the included USB cable.
  • If the controller is deactivated, press the PS button. The light bar will flash, then the player indicator will flash.
  • If the controller has sufficient battery power, it can be used wirelessly by disconnecting the USB cable.
  • Note that the controller can only be connected to one PS5 console at a time. If you wish to use the controller with another console, you must connect it to that console.

How to charge the playstation 5 DualSense wireless controllers.

You can check the battery rate of your controller by selecting Accessories in the Control Center.

The unit will start charging the controller when the PS5 controller is connected to the game console with the USB cable. During charging, the ball icon will animate.

Charging indicator of the DualSense Wireless Controller.

  • Click on the PS button on the DualSense Wireless Controller to check the charging status.
  • While the DualSense Wireless Controller is charging, an animated battery icon will appear on the screen.
  • The animated battery icon stops animating when the DualSense Wireless Controller is fully charged and appears three times.

How to adjust the DualSense wireless controller and audio settings.

To adjust the output device, you can control the HUB’s volume level and sound balance.

Press on the PS button to bring up the control center, and tap “Select” to choose and adjust settings.

Click the (Mute) button on the controller to mute and un-mute the microphone.

To mute the controller and speakers, press and hold the (Mute) button on the controller. Holding the button down turns the microphone and turns off the audio output. Tap again to return to the original position.

For general controller settings.

On the home screen, select “Settings” > “Accessories” > “Controller”.

You can adjust the volume, vibration intensity, active display intensity, and controller indicator brightness in this menu.

How to pair the added controller wirelessly.

Once a controller is connected to the PS5 console, additional controllers can be connected wirelessly.

Before starting the connection, ensure the added lights are removed from the cart. If there is a light bar, click and tap the PS button until the light turns off.

To use the connected controller, select Settings > Accessories > General > Bluetooth Accessories.

On the additional controller you wish to connect, click the [Create] button and the [PS] button simultaneously.

Select the Adderall driver that appears on your desktop if you are using the included driver.

How to update the device software for the DualSense wireless controller.

The programming engine for the wireless controller is updated when the controller is connected. Connect the controller to the playstation 5 console with the USB cable and follow the on-screen instructions.

To manually initiate the update, go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers > Wireless Controller Device Software.

You can upgrade your DualSense wireless device controller using the PC application. For more information, see the guide below.

How to change the controller during sleep mode.

Charge the controller and the device in Simmer mode.

Go to Settings > System > Power Saving > Portal Mode function and set the USB port power to 3 hours at all times.

I insist that the orange light stick on the controller glow slowly when the console is in silent mode. When the repair is complete, the light bar will turn on.

Frequently asked questions about the controllers.

What is the feel of the playstation 5 controler?

Next-generation rumors replace the traditional rumble experience with the video player + multiplayer described above. These senses are more intelligent, more subtle, and more tactile. The tuner allows players to shrink or turn off the screen.

What are some examples of devices in the game that use the  red playstation 5 controller?

The gameplay in “Wonderland Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” the textures and surface feel in “Demon’s Souls,” and the metal shots in the mine in “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” all contribute to the overall feel of the game.

 What are some examples of smartphone games using the DualSense wireless controller?

The L2 and R2 buttons have adaptive triggers that provide resistance, like in “Wonderland Spider-Man: New York Wonderland Miles Morales.” In the future, you’ll be able to use this feature for things like drawing a bow or using the brake pedal.

How do you charge the DualSense controller? How long does it take to set?

You can charge your DualSense wireless controllers from your PS5 or from a DualSense Station (sold separately) using the USB-C port. You can charge two controllers at the same time. If you connect a PS5 or DualSense controller to the front of the console, it will take approximately 3 hours to charge.

Can I use my red Playstation 5  Controller as a “wired” controller?

This controller can operate wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.1 and in “wired” mode with the PS5 via a USB connection cable.

Is there a dual-sense wireless controller built into the microphone and mic?

Yes, the new DualSense  such as the red playstation 5 controller has built-in audio, so you can quickly play a game with a friend without setting up a keyboard. However, if you plan to talk for long periods, you may want to place the wireless keyboard on the 3D keyboard.

Does the DualSense Wireless playstation 5 Controller have a keyboard? And which headsets are supported?

The DualSense playstation 5 controllers allows you to connect headsets, controllers, and other PS4 compatible listening devices to the Core Cinema player.

Will the DualSense controller support accessibility options?

Yes, there is tactile power feedback and the option for players to reduce or disable adaptive triggers. Gamers will have the ability to replicate the buttons on the controller. Finally, the DualSense wireless controller is a voice listening controller that allows gamers to discover audio content.

How many PS5 and DualSense controllers can be connected at the same time?

Up to four DualSense wireless controllers can be connected to the PS5 simultaneously. The Playstation 5 DualSense wireless game controller will tell you which player you are when many players are playing locally regardless of the playstation 5 controller colors you are using.


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    Playstation 5 vary hard to find even though it has been out for almost 2 years. Thank you eShopGamingStop for having the game console. It so far has been an outstanding speed and graphics its a perfect combination this PL5 and the new LG OLED 4k TV. I did get the extended Geek protection plan, just because they are hard to find. I it cant be fixed it will be replaced.

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